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12-08-2020 | 17:54 Esport (cyber)

PES 2021: What difference seasonal update will make?

Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer [PES] is known for his realistic approach with the player’s face and appearance. However, from time to time, they also progressed in terms of gameplay and mechanics. The biggest surprise made by PES 2021 is an alteration in bringing the next edition to the fans. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PES offers a seasonal update this time than a full-fledged game. PES never compromises with the detail, and this time, the engine has signified the importance of improved textures and graphics. The official partner of PES- FCB features the talisman Lionel Messi on its cover. PES 2021 Seasonal Update will be arriving on September 15, 2020. PES will not be likely to delay the game and will release it on time. This time PES promised that it would offer affordable prices. Moreover, Konami offers loyalty bonuses for those who already have PES 20. Just like the case with others, PES also offers Demo to its users for the testing of the gameplay. The Demo is already available to download, and you can try it by visiting the official website of Konami. Source: nationeditions

‘Leaked’ PES 2021 footage confirmes transfer

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