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07-08-2019 | 13:34 Esport (cyber)

PES 2020: The major changes you need to know

PES 2020 is on its way and there have been some huge changes in demo. Real Sport have looked at the key changes that could be the tipping points that make FIFA players move to PES. They went after the exclusive rights for Juventus and succeeded, meaning the eight-time defending Italian champions won’t feature on FIFA 20. Exclusive rights have also been secured for the Brazilain domestic setup. The brand new feature Matchday Mode has been developed to bridge the gap between virtual space and reality. eFootball PES 2020 has been developed to give the player a greater sense of agency, with new interactive dialogue systems in the Master League game mode putting the reins in the hands of the player when controlling story progression. The gameplay this year certainly feels slower than that of previous years, but this was planned to give the players more time on the ball. The default camera angle has changed this year, and though it might take 90 minutes to get used to, it creates a new sense of realism that compliments the enhanced animations and graphics.

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