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09-07-2019 | 13:51 Esport (cyber)

PES 2020: Fans are begging Konami to sort out the AI in this year’s game

PES 2020 fans are begging Konami to address issues with the Al that has affected the last couple of games. Gamers on the PES Sub-Reddit, WEPES, and claim both PES 2018 and PES 2019 saw Al controlled teams play with exactly the same play-style, which hampered replayability. One fan writes: “I play from the times of Winning Eleven on PSX and never like 19 I met such a scripted AI. Very boring and unlikely opponent tactics at high levels, if the CPU decides to press high, the commitment must be doubled in addition to the script factor we must add the annoying problem of fouls totally in one direction only the opposite of the player obviously.” The PES 2020 demo will be landing this month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and PC.

PES 2020 Has No “Plans To Integrate Women,” Konami Says


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