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Pep Lijnders revealed the changes made in midfield and attack that have helped Liverpool reach the top of the table

Liverpool are currently first in the Premier League table with 82 points, two points ahead of second placed Manchester City, who have played a game less.

The Reds assistant coach Pep Lijnders has revealed how changes in midfield and attack have helped them evolve to the point where they can match Manchester City in the Premier League title race.

“We decided in pre-season we have to work to have a better movement of the ball and the positioning of our midfielders, plus Roberto [Firmino], Sadio [Mane] and Mo [Salah],” he told The Times .

“Focus on speedy attacks and you go fast towards being a successful team, but you have to focus on really good organisation.

“If you want good counter-pressing then having shorter distances between the players is important. So, if you lose the ball to the opposition, you can give a very intense moment to win the ball back.

“If the distances in midfield are quite wide, then it is difficult to put pressure on [when you have lost the ball]. If the distances are close [when you are attacking] and they play with each other, then the way the ball moves can create surprise and space for when the opposition reacts.

“Play inside to create wing attacks, wing attacks are a byproduct of good inside play. The first way of defending is how you move the ball when you have it. [The key is] how quick you do that so that you make the opposition passive. If they don’t have the ball, they don’t attack, so you don’t have to defend.”

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