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Pep Guardiola speaks up on upcoming Manchester City transfer ban

Manchester City are set to be punished for their conduct in signing young players which would see them to be banned for the upcoming two transfer windows.

However, City coach Pep Guardiola insists his side is strong enough to cope if they are hit with a FIFA transfer ban. (via TheSun)

Asked whether his squad was strong enough if they cannot sign players this summer, Guardiola replied “it’s good, really good. Of course (I’d be OK).” But he refused to speak further on the latest investigation into his club.

“I cannot say anything, I said what I said, I was clear in my opinion, the club made their statement so I don’t have any comments,” he continued.

“I understand your job, I answered five questions last week. I cannot be the right guy. The club have the processes.

“They don’t call and explain what they are doing. I’m only concerned with my job, what will happen will happen.”

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