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Pep Guardiola sends message to Manchester City’s Champions League rivals

Manchester City qualified for the quarter finals after beating Schalke 10-2 on aggregate.

After yesterday’s win, Pep Guardiola has sent message to his team’s Champions League rivals claiming that his young side are not scared of anyone in Europe.

“We were solid, we didn’t concede chances and in the last 15 minutes of the first-half and second half we were incredible,” said Guardiola.

“Schalke are in a tough period and their confidence is not at the top, but you need to do your job and we did it.

“When I said we are a team of ‘teenagers’, I didn’t say we’re not going to fight. Our best success in the competition is a semi-final, compared to Real Madrid with 13 wins.

“But the teenagers have patience, desire and they’re not scared. We’re trying to achieve, for only the second time in our history a semi-final of the Champions League.

“This competition is incredibly tough, there are incredible teams, so when we go through I’m happy.

“We have a lot of injured players – a lot of central defensive absences – so we want to continue this run and get those players back fit,” later added Guardiola.

“We had just Danilo, who was incredible. He played as a holding midfielder against Chelsea and that is what I like.

“Everyone has to compete with each other to play and they all want to play. Everybody tried to play, be bold and keep going.”

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