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Marianna Sargsyan

17-08-2021 | 17:03 Football

Pep Guardiola provides fresh update on Phil Foden's injury

Phil Foden has got a foot injury with England at EURO 2020 training, which made him miss out the final match against Italy at Wembley. The Manchester Evening previously reported that the player may be out for a number of weeks. Pep Guardiola has talked about Foden's injury, claiming that they need to be careful and not to rush.
“Phil will be out for a while; it’s a tough injury with the national team", Guardiola said.   “We have to be careful with it because if we’re not, we anticipate it will be longer and longer.”
The 21-year-old himself explained things on his injury before Manchester City vs Tottenham clash, which took place last weekend.
“It was such a shame to do it before the Euro final, but I’m working hard in the gym. Hopefully it flies by and I can get back on the pitch", said the Englishman.  
However, Phil Foden is expected to be ruled out until early September.   Source - talksport Join us on Telegram!/ Follow us on Twitter!

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