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Paul Pogba could leave Manchester United as part of FOUR-player exodus, claims Paul Ince

Manchester United star Paul Pogba could leave the club as part of a four-player summer exodus, it’s from the point of view of former Red Devils Midfielder Paul Ince.

“There are players which need to move on if Ole wants to re-build. But also, there may well be a few players who seem to want to move on themselves regardless,” said Ince.

“The main culprit of that, I believe, is Paul Pogba. Ole needs to convince him that he’s going to build the team around him going forward if he wants him to stay.

“Honestly, I don’t think Pogba will be at Old Trafford next season. Ole’s come in, changed the way he feels about the game since Jose Mourinho left and because his form has improved, the big boys have come calling again.

“It’s always hard when Real Madrid come knocking, but I’m not sure Pogba’s ever settled at United since he came back, and a move could be on the cards.

“It’s Ole’s job to do some convincing now, convince players like Pogba and David de Gea that they’re better off at Old Trafford.

“Regardless of those names, though, Fred and Alexis Sanchez need to move on in the summer for the sake of the club and the player. There are four or five players that need to leave if United are to move forward.”

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