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 Paul Pogba explains how Kylian Mbappe is 7 years ahead of time

Manchester United ace Paul Pogba insists, that his side will have to deal with a player who is seven years ahead of schedule on Tuesday evening.

“What’s so special [about Kylian] is that he’s maybe 20 and plays like he’s 27 – and 27 is when you have a lot of experience,” Pogba told United’s official website ahead of Tuesday’s clash.

“He understands the game and that is the difference between him and the other young, top talented players.

“He’s just a machine. You think about Thierry Henry, Ronaldo – he’s this kind of player, who can score goals, is very fast, can dribble, can make assists. He’s a player that it’s hard to block.”

Pogba added that United are fortunate not to be facing a certain teammate of his.

“I would say we are lucky that Neymar is not there – it’s unlucky for him, but lucky for us because he’s a player that can change the game by himself as well,” he continued.

“Those kinds of players, you don’t really know where or how to block them, because they can create so much space, they can dribble [past] two players, they can score goals.

“They are all dangerous, so you don’t think about only one player, because it’s always a team. But obviously, their attack is the key. So hopefully we’re gonna block them.”

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