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What Paul Ince has noticed about Guardiola that will benefit Liverpool ahead of Manchester City clash

Former Liverpool captain Paul Ince insists Pep Guardiola and his Manchester City are feeling under pressure ahead of their massive Premier League clash with Liverpool.

“What we’re seeing at the minute is that the pressure and the nerves lies with Man City and Pep Guardiola,” Ince told(via Mirror).

“They have to win, and you can see that in the way they’re behaving. Even Pep speaking out and saying how great Liverpool are, and that the game is must-win, shows to me that they’re feeling the heat.

“When I look at Liverpool, everything is on their side this season. Aside from the fact they’ve managed to avoid any major injuries to their star players, they’re going to teams that they struggled against last year and battering them. If they can sustain that, and avoid the pressure, then it’s theirs for the taking. And like I said, if they go 10 points clear, there’s no excuses for not winning it.

“Now is the time for City to prove themselves. Now is the time to show your teeth as the champions, how are you going to react to Liverpool challenging you? You’ve spent 80/100million on players, and they need to show their worth. It’s time to see what City are truly made of.”

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