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Oxlade-Chamberlain reveals the reason why Salah doesn’t pass to his teammates

Image source: BBC

The incident between Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane in the game against Burnley has become subject of talks.

During the game Salah went on to score goal rather than pass to Mane, which caused a furious reaction from the Senegalese.

And after the incident, many called Mohamed Salah a selfish player.

However, his teammate Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain thinks otherwise.

In an interview with BBC, Chamberlain said: “Mohamed Salah isn’t selfish because…Isn’t selfish? Are you winding me up? The guy don’t pass to us. Are you mad? Ask Sadio.”

“No, Mo Salah isn’t selfish because he’s a goal scorer. He’s gotta do that,” he continued.

“We can’t expect him to pass us the ball all the time and him to score loads of goals. The way he plays wins us games, so he’s got to do what he’s got to do.

“He scores, we win the game. I’m happy. Mo, do what you want!”

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