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Novak Djokovic ‘stands by’ his father amid controversial remarks on Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic of Serbia reacts in his Men's Singles Quarterfinals match against Alexander Zverev of Germany during day nine of the 2021 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on February 16, 2021 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Andy Cheung/Getty Images)

Image source: Andy Cheung/Getty Images

Novak Djokovic has refused to condemn his father’s comments on Roger Federer. Srdjan Djokovic claimed the Swiss tennis star “attacked” his son as a teenager. World No 1 made his return to the court this week at the Monte-Carlo Masters for his first tournament since winning the Australian Open back in February.

He told K1: “About 15 years ago Federer attacked my son when he was still young, he was 18 or 19 years old. I knew someone would be there who would be better than him. So I said that [Federer] was a great champion, the best at the time. But as much as he is a great champion, Federer is not such a good man.”

Djokovic has now responded to the comments by his father, insisting he doesn’t always agree with he has to say. However, Djokovic refused to condemn the remarks about Federer.

He said: “I love him, he is the great support of mine. I can’t control what he says, everyone has a right to speak their mind, but I don’t always agree with everything he says. He is passionate and wants to protect me, of course I stand by him.”

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