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Niko Kovac describes Tottenham with six words and speaks on Harry Kane

Image source: Getty Images

Bayern Munich manager Niko Kovac seems to be a huge Tottenham fan as he praises Spurs as “very positive light in European football.”

Both teams will meet up for the Champions League match on Tuesday, and ahead of the clash Bayern boss shared his opinion on their upcoming competitor:

“You can see what it means when you have a good coach, a good manager,” he said.

“In my opinion, Tottenham is a very positive light in European football. They are now able to compete with the big teams, even though it didn’t look like that six or seven years ago. They have continuity, he (Mauricio Pochettino) was given time and he has done a great job and that is an example for others. All the players are world-class from different international teams and we know what to face tomorrow. The football Tottenham play is very beautiful to watch and it’s innovative and creative.”

Kovac has also talked about Spurs striker Harry Kane and hailed him as well:

“His quality in the Premier League and England squad speaks for itself,” he added. “He’s sensational and he can do it all. He’s good at holding up and good with his head. There’s nothing he can’t do, he’s a very strong striker. He and Lewandowski are probably the top two, three or four in the world. I will see how things pan out tomorrow. Both don’t miss a lot of chances and are both very hungry. We know that Harry Kane is very dangerous and we’ll have to do our best to not let him score. I will give my team some information on Kane, although I will not tell you!”

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