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Nicolas Massu: “Roger Federer doesn’t play for money”

Former tennis player Nicolas Massu is confident, Roger Federer does not play for money and that is one of the main reason that the Swiss keep playing tennis at the age of 37.

“For passion, for the excitement of continuing to play,” said Massu, a former world No. 9 ATP singles player. “He does not play for money or obligation, and because there is not any other thing to do either. He does it because he wants to keep writing history. I retired at 33 years, an age where any person is young, but where a sportsman enters in the final stage.”

Massu also added: “I have been knowing him since the junior times. We played several times. It was always good to do it because I saw his potential. I always felt that he had something different. He is the most important player of all time. Many people ask me if he is the best tennis player in history and I have no doubts. I put Federer and Nadal at the highest of tennis history.”


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