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Neymar, Lewandowski or Mbappe? Robin van Persie names the best attacker left in the Champions League

Neymar, Lewandowski or Mbappe? Van Persie names the best attacker left in the Champions League

Image source: Getty Images

Robin van Persie thinks that Kylian Mbappe is operating on ‘a different level’ to Robert Lewandowski and Neymar.

PSG beat RB Leipzig in the Champions League semi-final on Tuesday with a 3-0 score and qualified for the final, while Bayern Munich are preparing to face Lyon in the semi-final today, August 19.

“Three unbelievable players, next level players,” Van Persie told BT Sport when asked to pick who is the best.

“Lewandowski is such a joy to watch. For the last seven or eight years he’s been world class. So consistent.

“Neymar, everyone knows is a fantastic player. What I really like about him is no matter what even if he misses chances, he makes his dribbles.

“Even in the last game, the last round he made 16 dribbles which is the most in like the last 10 years we’ve seen. He’s unreal.

“But Mbappe is something else in my opinion. He plays at such a high level, such high speed as well but he still sees the through balls.

“Every choice he makes, when to dribble, when to pass, when to shoot, when to give an assist. He gives a lot of assists as well.

“For me I would go for Mbappe because he is playing on a different speed, a different level.”

source – Metro

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