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Premier League new rules to the laws for the 2018/19 season

The new Premier League season gets underway on Friday night and there are some new rules that football fans need to be aware of.

Manager behavior

There won’t be red or yellow cards issued to coaching staff as in the EFL but managers will be penalized if they have to be consistently warned by referees.

In case of four warnings they will receive one-match ban. If a manager receives 16 warnings he will face an FA misconduct ban.


A yellow card in an FA Cup game, for instance, wouldn’t count towards a suspension in the Premier League, however, red cards will apply across all competitions. Players will be banned after picking up five yellow cards (with a cut off after the first 19 games), 10 yellow cards (cut off 32 games) and 15 yellow cards by the end of the season.

No Extra-time in League Cup

Extra-time in League Cup will no longer be played in the Carabao Cup this season. Matches will last 90 minutes and then go straight to a penalty shoot-out.


FA’s anti-doping testers can only inform clubs of players selected for testing immediately after the matches.


VAR will not be used in the Premier League this season, but it will be applied in FA Cup and Carabao Cup games played in Premier League stadiums which will increase its usage to 60 games in 2018/19.

Transfer Window

The new Deadline Day rules will be discussed by clubs in September and October.

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