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Neville claims Manchester United evolution more important than Premier League finish

Image source: Getty Images

Gary Neville believes Manchester United’s growth under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should be more significant than the club’s present Premier League results.

The season was a mixture of ups and downs for the Red Devils. Solskjaer’s side beat Chelsea 4-0 in their Premier League opener, held two draws against Wolves and Southampton and a shocking loss to Crystal Palace at home.

But they came back to their winning ways last weekend with a 1-0 victory over Leicester at Old Trafford.

Sky Sports pundit and United legend Neville believes Solskjaer is leading United to the right direction.

He told on Monday Night Football:  “I think that’s the one thing about this United team this year, there’s no doubt that they all look to be facing in the right direction.”

It seemed Manchester stepped back after changing their ageing players into the youngsters which made Neville be critical of the team’s further fortune. But it turned out the new tactics will have a positive effect in the future.

What it looks like now is that they’ve gone back to a strategy of signing emerging British players, bringing academy players through and identifying international talent. I actually think United have taken a step backwards but a step in the right direction to go forwards because enough is enough of all these 30-year-old players coming in, not suiting the style. They’ve got to stop that because it’s not worked for the club. Of course, Man Utd have to win the Premier League title. That has to be the barometer and should never change, but you can’t go from not liking the team with average football to winning the league. There’s a step in the middle of getting better football, liking the team and then you can start moving up,” concluded Neville.

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