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Neville and Carragher make Premier League prediction which Arsenal fans won’t like

Premier League is edging closer to the end and teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, etc are trying harder to finish in top four.

Currently Liverpool is leading the league with 82 points and is two points ahead of second placed Manchester City, who have played one game less. Third comes Chelsea with 66 points and Tottenham is fourth with also having played one game less and has 64 points.

Arsenal and Manchester United are 5th and 6th with 63 and 61 points.

Sky Sports pundits Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher gathered together and made their predictions on who will finish in the Premier League’s top four at the end of the season.

“If you look at the fixtures, I look at Tottenham’s fixtures, I have to say that’s obviously the one [vs Manchester City] that stands out, but if you look at Arsenal’s fixtures you’d say they have the best run-in as they don’t play against any of the top teams,” said Neville.

“The problem they have got is that they have four away games, Arsenal, and they’re shocking away from home.

“Chelsea have got United and Liverpool away, they’re two tough games at the end of the season, I would, with United, put Everton in there as a tough game, (as well as) City and Chelsea.

“For the moment I think Tottenham will finish third because they have the four home games and they’re the ones I think that can accumulate the points.

“And if I look at United specifically… Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) himself said before the Wolves game that they’d need about 15 points to get into the top four, that game has fallen away now, but you look at the rest of their matches and there’s six there, they have to win five of them.”

Carragher then added: “I think they’re (Spurs) back on track with their fixtures after a poor run and they have the home stadium now.

“Arsenal have better fixtures than Chelsea and Man United but I’d be surprised if Arsenal won more than one away game. I don’t see them winning more than one away game from those they’ve got.

“Yes they’re not against the top six but they’re those difficult ones, very similar to Everton. Really I haven’t got a clue out of the other three because in some ways you can’t trust them – I feel like I can trust Tottenham a little bit. I know they’ve been on a bad run, it’s very tight. If I had to call one I would go with Manchester United.”

To which Neville added: “I’ll agree with him!”

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