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How much money Liverpool will lose out on in bonus clauses if Coutinho joins Manchester United

Reports claim that Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho is feeling unhappy and wants to leave the club.

It has been reported that Manchester United want to sign the midfielder.

Former Liverpool player joined Barcelona last year for a £142million fee.

When Coutinho was sold to Barcelona, a number of clauses were included in the deal. (via Mirror)

First one would see Liverpool earn £4.4million every 25 league games Coutinho played for the Catalan club up to 100.

The second clause saw Barcelona pay Liverpool £4.4million after qualifying for the Champions League last season. They will pay the same amount to the Red should they repeat the feat this year but only if Coutinho is in the team.

And also Barcelona agreed to pay £4.4million to Liverpool if they won the Champions League, again, only with Coutinho in the squad.

So if Coutinho decides to leave Barcelona for Manchester United, Liverpool will miss out on £22million.

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