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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons Preview

Image source: Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks are set to face Detroit Pistons on Thursday at the Little Caesars Arena.

As head coach Mike Budenholzer stated, Milwaukee will continue to take things one game at a time, and simply focus on getting better, as the team lead the league in most measurements of performance.

The injury report informs that George Hill will finally make his awaited comeback, as he had been nursing a hamstring injury prior to the break.

Brook Lopez will be under pressure, as of all the Bucks, he probably had the most “disappointing” campaign so far. His outside shooting has been worse than last season (29.8% this year, compared to 36.5% last year and 33.9% on his career). However, Lopez has an excellent defensive rating (6th among all players averaging 24 minutes or more) that shows the value of his impact.

Upcoming rivals- Pistons have won two of their last 12 and are six games out of the 8 seed (currently occupied by Orlando).

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