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Milwauke Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer claims this season champion will be more special

Mike Budenholzer after Milwaukee Bucks' game

Image source: Getty Images

Milwaukee Bucks’ head coach Mike Budenholzer has talked about the NBA’s upcoming resumption during a conference call with media members on Wednesday.

Budenholzer has pointed out, that this sesaon’s champions are going to be remembered dfferent  and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s going to take all sorts of mental and physical strength and determination to get through the next few months while being isolated in hotels away from home, and playing under the looming threat of a deadly pandemic.

“I feel like the champion from this experience, this season, is gonna be more worthy, and probably more special than any champion,” Budenholzer  said.

“Every year there’s things that in theory make it easier to be the champion, and every year I think there are things in reality that make it more difficult to be champion.

“Usually the things that make it more difficult far outweigh anything that makes it less or easier, if that’s even the right word. I think the challenges of this season, this pandemic, everything that’s happening in our country, the ability for a team to go back and compete and play against the other 22 teams and come out as a champion, in my mind it will be more special and more meaningful.

“And every championship to be honest with you, they’re all meaningful, they’re all incredible. If you won one, you can say whatever you want about it.”

Source- CBS Sports

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