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Michael Owen calls for Premier League rule change

Image source: Getty Images

Michael Owen calls out Premier League new law on substitutions, which requires players to leave the field at the nearest touchline.

The Premier League stated on the new rule:

“Any player being substituted must leave the pitch at the nearest point on the touchline or goalline. The only exception will be if the referee indicates the player can leave quickly at the halfway line or a different point because of a safety or security issue, or due to injury. Once substituted, the player must go to the technical area or dressing room to avoid problems with substitutes, spectators or match officials.”

The law first was in action during Liverpool versus Sheffield United match on Saturday When Roberto Firmino walked around the pitch when being substituted by James Milner.

However, former Premier League star doesn’t seem to agree with this. After yesterday’s game he tweeted:

“The new rule whereby substituted players are made to leave the pitch at the nearest point has to be scrapped. I’m all for speeding up the process of making a substitution but forcing players to walk 2 sides of a pitch running a gauntlet of abuse and hurled missiles is a joke.”

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