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Messi, Alaba, Neuer: Pep Guardiola’s Ultimate XI of all time

Image source: Twitter

Pep Guardiola is one of the best managers in world football. He managed Barcelona, Bayern Munich and currently manages Manchester City.

His trophy cabinet is full of cups as he has 30 managerial trophies. Guardiola has won two Champions League titles with Barcelona and more than two domestic trophies with his three teams.

We also can’t forget about his 2009-10 season with Barcelona, when the Catalan specialist has won all six tournaments he was participated in.

Lionel Messi, Arjen Robben, Sergio Aguero; the list of greatest players that Guardiola has managed is long. But which players will get the plays in his ultimate XI?

Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, and despite the fact, that Victor Valdes has won more trophies with the Catalan specialist, Neuer is still better. Under Guardiola, he made 152 appearances.

Right Back: Daniel Alves

Who else would get the place? If not this exceptional Brazilian, who played under Guardiola at Barcelona. The Brazilian made 208 appearances under Guardiola, scored 15 goals and created 67 assists.

Centre Back: Carles Puyol

The Spanish defender, who helped Guardiola at Barcelona, cemented his place in this ultimate XI. Under Guardiola, he has made 164 appearances, and despite the fact, that he is a defender scored eight goals and created six assists.

Centre Back: Gerrard Pique

We can’t imagine Puyol, without his long-time partner Pique. Pique played under Guardiola 183 games, scored 12 goals and created seven assists.

Left Back: David Alaba

The most elite defence quartet need someone like David Alaba. The defender made 124 appearances under Guardiola, scored 11 goals and created 16 assists.

Defensive Midfielder: Fernandinho

Manchester City star Fernandinho also gets his place in the ultimate team of the Catalan specialist. He has made 165 appearances under Guardiola, has scored nine goals and has created 10 assists.

Central Midfielder: Xavi

If we’ll try to name the best central midfield pair, then most of us will say Xavi and Iniesta. Xavi, of course, gets his place in the ultimate team. During his time under Guardiola, he played 208 games, scored 36 goals and created 81 assists.

Central Midfielder: Iniesta

Xavi can’t be without Iniesta. So here he is. The Spanish midfielder played 181 games under Guardiola, scored 23 goals and created 53 assists.

Left Winger: Arjen Robben

Pep Guardiola has used some of the greatest left-wingers in his teams, but the place in the left-wing gets Arjen Robben. The Netherland international made 97 appearances under Guardiola, scored 47 goals and created 30 assists.

Right Winger: Lionel Messi

No one can name an ultimate team of Guardiola and left out Lionel Messi. Stats speak itself. Messi played 219 games under Guardiola, more than any other player, scored 211 goals, more than any other player and created 90 assists more than any other player.

Striker: Sergio Aguero

Samuel Eto’o, Robert Lewandowski played under Guardiola, but Sergio Aguero gets the place. And again we lean on stats. The Argentine has made 160 appearances under Guardiola, has scored 118 goals and has created 27 assists.

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