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Mercedes F1 engine chief Cowell undecided on his next move

Mercedes F1 engine chief Andy Cowell

Image source: Getty Images

Mercedes F1 engine chief Andy Cowell remains uncertain on his next move upon leaving the team at the end of the year. Cowell decided to leave the team after 16 years.

He played a key role in the development of Mercedes’ V6 Hybrid power unit that has helped power the team to six consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championships since 2014.

“Mercedes is a company that I’m hugely proud to have worked for,” Cowell said on F1’s Beyond the Grid podcast. “The people here are an incredible group of people, and I’ll miss them, but it’s time for a change.

“Sixteen years feels like a long period of time doing largely the same thing. I like a clean sheet of paper challenge of design – I think my personality likes the thrill of being dropped into something that’s challenging and scary.”

Cowell said he would use the remainder of his time with Mercedes to mull over his next move.

“Right from the age of five, motorsport has been a huge, huge part of my life,” Cowell said. “Motorsport will always be a part of my life, but what part, that’s the thing to sort out.

“I was keen talking to Ola [Kallenius, Mercedes CEO], that the transition for HPP was managed for the best interests of HPP. I was very keen that Hywel took over from the beginning of July. Markus [Schafer, Mercedes COO] and Ola asked me to stay until the second power unit was installed to try and help out, which takes us through to September. I’ve got September, October, November and December to make a decision, and make a call then.”

Source: autosport

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