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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff reveals who are the clear favourites in China and explains why

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff thinks Ferrari are the clear favourites for the upcoming Chinese Grand Prix.

According to Wolff, the reason is the “sheer power” advantage.

“I would say if they [Ferrari] are able to maintain those power levels on a power sensitive circuit like Shanghai, they are the favourites clearly because the lap time benefit might even be more than in Bahrain,” Wolff said.

“It’s not drag – it’s never one silver bullet or one simple action but the drag levels we have calculated would have been a tenth maybe in difference.

“It’s sheer power,” he added. “We have seen different power levels in the race [in Bahrain] and also between the cars. So that needs to be digested now. We expected them to be strong in Melbourne after what we’ve seen in terms of pace in Barcelona testing, so Melbourne was more the surprise than actually Bahrain.

“Bahrain was very strong, straight-line performance is unbelievable. The power they have displayed is unmatched by anybody. There was, I think in qualifying five tenths on the straights only. That is really difficult to compete with. So we have to get used to this level of performance in my opinion and see Melbourne as the outlier.”

Chinese Grand Prix kick-off this weekend, on Sunday, April 14.


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