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Mega Race

Vbet Poker is launching new promotions for the regular players. If you play poker every day, you gain points, which will let you participate in the Rake Race and Mega Race.

The first promotion is the Rake Race. The Rake Race is defined by the participation of cash tables with 0.01/0.02 until 0.10/0.20 blind structures. Tournament rake will be counted in the Rake Race as well. Thus, the tournament structure ensures that amateurs playing with small bankroll are also eligible for the Rake Race. Money prizes will be given to the Top 30 participants by the end of each week.

Moreover, Vbet Poker offers Mega Race for the professional players playing high stakes cash games. Mega Race will accommodate participant tables with 0.15/0.30 blinds and more. This tournament is held monthly, with money prizes (prize pool 2000E) for 10 best players of the month.

Additionally, top six of Mega Race and the winner of Rake Race (4 winners each month) will play a sit and go tournament. The winner of this event will receive 1000E.