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Maurizio Sarri reveals who will be in goal against Fulham and where is Gary Cahill: Press Conference

With Maurizio Sarri having finally gained some respite in midweek, Chelsea will hope to take advantage of Fulham when they make the short trip to Craven Cottage on Sunday.

Ahead of the game, Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has faced the press.

Ranieri’s sacking

I am really very sorry but I know very well his character so I know very well we will see him very soon in another bench.

Surprised it didn’t work at Fulham?

It was a really difficult situation from the beginning. It is not easy to do the same job in two different situations. He was unlucky. It was difficult, but they have also an opportunity for saving and we have to play a difficult match, a derby. We need another very good performance.

How much will he be hurting?

I think a lot, of course. It is normal. As I said before I know his character. He is very strong. In a few days, he will be able to think to the next situation and the future.

Does it make Fulham more dangerous?

Maybe, usually when there is a change of the coach there is a reaction and so we have to front also the reaction. Then it is very difficult to prepare the match. We don’t know the new system and ideas. It is a very difficult match.

Will Kepa be in goal?

As I said in the press conference after the match, the Kepa situation is closed. Kepa is our first goalkeeper, but we are very happy for Willy that he can play in a very difficult match. Kepa will be on the pitch for one of the next two matches. I have not decided yet, I want to see the last two pieces of training of course, for every player. On Sunday we played 120 minutes and 95 on Wednesday. We ran for 15km on Sunday on average and Wednesday was 12km, so we have to consider it.


No, I don’t think so. I need to value the recovery of every player and then decide. We need to change three or four players.


In the last three matches, we were consistent. Europa League drew against City and beat Tottenham. We need to continue with the performance. The result was good.

Young players as assets and difficult for their mental state?

Sometimes it is the media’s fault because you put too much pressure on English young players. I can understand why, but sometimes it can be too much. Every club is a business, we have to accept. I don’t agree personally, but I have to live in this world. It is normal, every club is a business, especially in the last ten years.

Change of approach?

It depends on the match, the opponents. We were right against City to wait in our half, we started differently against Spurs. It depends on the situation.


In the last match, I wanted more physical impact in the last 20 minutes. I was afraid there might be a lot of balls in our box. I wanted more physical impact. Then we were able to defend before our box better. He entered the pitch well.

Higuain and his impact

He contributed well. He interacted well with the team-mates. Now he needs the acceleration, he needs to improve in the physical condition, then he will improve. At the moment for us it is better to think only about the future, you are too much in the future.

Gary Cahill, where is he?

I don’t know. I know he is in the last year of the contract, there are some problems for the new contract. You have to ask the club I think. He is training with the team-mates of course. In the dressing room, he is very important, we use him in the right way I think. Every player, every member of the staff knows he is very important.

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