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27-06-2019 | 13:31 Football

Maurizio Sarri reveals exactly how many cigarettes he smokes a day

Maurizio Sarri has admitted he smokes too many cigarettes a day. Former Chelsea manager Sarri was forced to quit the habit during matches when he arrived as Blues boss last summer-with smoking banned at Premier League grounds. After he signed Chelsea made plans to build a smoking room at Stamford Bridge to allow him to get his nicotine injection on match days but didn't materialise. Sarri left Chelsea and signed a deal with Juventus. He is currently being frustrated by smoking rules while on holiday in Ascoli-Piceno in Italy. “I smoke 60 a day, which is probably a few too many,” Sarri told La Nuova Riviera. “I don’t particularly feel the need to smoke during games, but straight afterwards it really is necessary. I had back problems tormenting me for weeks, but I feel much better now.” It is unknown what will happen to his smoking in Turin, but Sarri will be forced to wear a Juventus suit on the touchline due to a clause in his contract. The tracksuit loving Sarri said: "I prefer not to wear a Juventus suit on the pitch. "Off the pitch, when I represent Juventus, I am obliged to wear it and it is written in my contract. But on the pitch, I would prefer not to, but we will discuss it. The important thing, at my age, is they don't ask me to go naked."

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