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Maurizio Sarri fears Chelsea players could pick up injuries in Kiev

Chelsea have one foot in the Europa League quarter-finals ahead of Thursday’s clash with Dynamo Kyiv.

The Blues are 3-0 up from the first leg, but they are not impressed with the state of the pitch in Ukraine.

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri fears serious injury for his Chelsea stars.

Sarri said: “It’s a disaster. The pitch is not good. I think that it’s dangerous, really dangerous. It’s really dangerous to play any football here in this moment, and I think it’s really very dangerous for injuries.

“It will be very difficult, also, for Dynamo because the pitch is no good. It’s a problem for us, but also for our opponents, I think. I don’t know the reason: probably the winter. I played here two years ago and the pitch was wonderful. Now it’s very, very dangerous.”

Last year’s Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid was held at this 70,000 capacity stadium that is the country’s showpiece arena.

Sarri added: “This is the situation so we have to accept it. We have to play on this pitch. There isn’t another solution, but I cannot understand why Uefa haven’t really given much attention to everything.

“You have to present the player list at a certain minute, and then we have to play in such a bad pitch.”

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