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Maurizio Sarri explains why Alvaro Morata wanted to leave Chelsea this month

Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has revealed that Alvaro Morata asked him to leave Chelsea last month.

Explaining Morata’s situation, Sarri said: “I think that Morata is a very good player. I think that Morata has the characteristics for playing in my team. But Morata, one month ago, said he wanted to play in another team. So it was really very difficult for him to give us 100 per cent for his mental situation. ‘But I think that Morata is potentially a very important player. From the physical and technical point of view, he is a very good player and suitable for my football.

“The situation changed in the last month. So we needed to change. I don’t know [about the transfer market]. As you know very well, I don’t want to follow the market day by day. I don’t know the actual situation. “Morata told me 10 days ago that there was an opportunity in Spain, but I don’t know where.

“We have some problems in scoring. Higuain usually is able to score 25 or 30 goals every season. But, as I told you before, in the market in January it’s very difficult to secure a very important striker. Gonzalo was in a situation that we could try to buy him, and so we decided to try for Higuain.”

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