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Mark Webber believes Lewis Hamilton is ‘more complete’ than Michael Schumacher

Image source: Getty Images

Mark Webber has hailed Lewis Hamilton as one of Formula 1’s best-ever drivers.

Hamilton won his sixth world title last year and he is now aiming to win seventh in a bid to match Michael Schumacher’s record.

Webber believes Hamilton’s place in the history of the sport is undeniable.

“Absolutely, no question about it, I think he’s more complete than Michael,” he said, as per GP Fans. “I think he went about those results in a technically cleaner executed way, just by the way of wheel-to-wheel combat and no real trickery in his contracts with the other drivers.

“I think he’s certainly up there. I mean, obviously Alain Prost, where do you go with the [Niki] Laudas, the [Jackie] Stewarts, or [Ayrton] Senna? Clearly Michael is absolutely in there, he’s got all the records in terms of championships and race victories, but I’m confident that Lewis can give those a red-hot go.” 

Source: GMS

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