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Marco Silva sends message to Everton players ahead of Liverpool game

Image source: Sky Sports

Liverpool are preparing to host Everton in a midweek Premier League game today, December 4.

Ahead of the game, Everton manager Marco Silva has told his players they must believe, despite not having won at Anfield in 20 years.

“If all the time you are thinking things are going wrong, they become more wrong,” Silva said.

“I have things I believe. In your life we have to be positive always, and look at the reality.

“If it is raining don’t say the sun is shining. Look to the reality but be positive. 

“At Leicester , the last seconds of the game and VAR, we did not deserve that. It was in our hands, and we didn’t win that game. Some things were our fault for sure, but that sort of moment will not always happen against us.

“It will not always happen like that against Everton Football Club because in one moment things will change and this is the way I look at football. I work for that.”

“They are maybe the toughest opponent we can face,” he continued.

“So you can look at it this way or the other way – it is a good opportunity for us in a special game. I like the special games and my players and our fans have to like the special games too.

“I know the derby record in the past did not give us a good feeling but we have to go there and embrace the challenge, to enjoy it.

“If you ask me what is the main thing I want from tomorrow, it is for the players to perform like we did there last season.” 

source – Mirror

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