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Manchester United’s Mason Greenwood names surprise toughest opponent

Mason Greenwood celebrates scoring for a third consecutive Premier League appearance

Image source: Premier League Official Website

Manchester United youngster Mason Greenwood has named his toughest opponent that may surprise fans.

The 19-year-old had played against a number of top talents in the Champions League but during an exclusive fans’ Q&A session he gave an unexpected answer about his hardest opponent.

“Hi Philip, that’s a good question,” Greenwood said.

“I’ve probably got to say, it might be a surprising one, but do you know [Joe] Bryan, the one for Fulham? He allowed me no space, no time on the ball, when we played them home and away. It was one of my most difficult games for us.

“He’s one you probably wouldn’t think I’d say his name, but he was getting tight to me and not giving me much space. He was a good defender and he was probably my toughest challenge.”

Bryan’s Fulham has been relegated from the Premier League and are set to play in the Championship next season.

Source: MU

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