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Manchester United told to spend £100million for this defender and persuade De Gea to stay

David Moyes believes Manchester United should pay David de Gea whatever he wants to keep him at Old Trafford and break the bank for defender Kalidou Koulibaly.

Moyes reckons United should throw all the money they can at 28-year-old Spanish star De Gea to persuade him commit his future to the club.

“As an interim manager it will be difficult for United to give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer money. But if Kalidou Koulibaly becomes available at Napoli – and there are rumours that he is interested with a fee of £90m – then I’m sure Ole would say he’d be a great signing for United.

“So if there’s a player who would come in and be like Van Dijk or Alisson at Liverpool , a player who’d make a huge difference and improve the team then the club has to go for him whoever is in charge.

“But personally I don’t think they will give him money unless it’s for that type of player.”

“The club are in talks with David and I’m sure he’s happy where he is. With Martial I’m sure they’re sorting out figures as well.

“Neither player are in the prime yet with David just approaching his and he is the best goalkeeper in the world” says May, speaking exclusively to 888sport.

“So you have to ask yourselves if he goes and he needs replacing, then how much would that cost to replace him?

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