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All Manchester United no.7s since Cristiano Ronaldo where they are now

Number 7 occupies a special place in the history of football because of the legendary players who have donned it.

There are not many numbers, which can match the prestige of the number seven.

People expect whoever is wearing the number seven to play a game above the rest; stand out and make the difference, carry the team to victory and glory.

Usually, a number given to prolific wingers, nowadays we also see the number sported by centre midfielders and strikers.

George Best, Eric Cantona, David Beckham and more stars wore number 7 at Manchester United.

Here’s a list of Manchester United’s number sevens since Cristiano Ronaldo and where they are now.

Michael Owen

The England striker joined Old Trafford club in July 2009 and started only six games for the club. He made 31 appearances for United and scored only five goals.

Owen now is a pundit for BT Sport.

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