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Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs reveals team-mate who was better than Ronaldo

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Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs has stated that Paul Scholes is the greatest team-mate he’s ever had despite playing with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Giggs spent six years with Ronaldo at the Old Trafford but believes there was “no other player like” Scholes back in the day.

Both legends played together for an incredible 18 years at United and were part of the 1999 Treble-winning side.

They enjoyed significant success during that time with the Red Devils but it wasn’t until Ronaldo joined the club in 2003 when things really picked up as they won six major trophies in three years.

The Wales manager admits that the Juventus star still has tremendous ability but Scholes was one of a kind with skills no one else could replicate.

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Speaking to Premier League Productions, Giggs said:

“He’s [Scholes] probably the best United player that I played with.

“People always ask ‘who’s the best player you’ve played with?’ and probably [ability-wise] Cristiano for what he’s gone on to do with Real Madrid, Juventus and Portugal but the best United player I played with was Scholesey for all the reasons I’ve just given you.

“There was no other player like him. I felt on my day that I could do what most footballers could do but I could never do what Scholesy did.

“I think when Scholesy first got promoted he was pretty quiet and let his football do the talking but you always wanted to be on Scholesy’s team in possession and usually in games as well.

“As soon as Scholesy got the ball and turned you made a run, he didn’t even need to look. He’d be playing the ball exactly where you’d want it.”

Source- Daily and Sunday Express

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