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Manchester United great Ryan Giggs criticizes Anthony Martial after Manchester City clash

Image source: Getty Images

Ryan Giggs was critical of Anthony Martial’s technique as the Frenchman attempted to pounce on an error by Ederson in Sunday’s Manchester derby.

Martial scored for United; however, he failed to capitalize on another mistake by Ederson after the break.

Giggs revisited Martial’s failure to double his own personal tally for the day.

It was echoes of David de Gea last week. He [Ederson] was dithering on the ball,” Giggs told Premier League Productions.

“Martial and United pressed well at times. Me and Michael [Owen] were just talking about it and maybe I’m being overcritical but he should actually go with his right foot and block Ederson’s attempt to clear it.

“But instead he goes with his left foot. He doesn’t quite get there and clatters into the post. It’s a strange technique really to go with his left foot rather than blocking it with his right foot.” 

Source: MEN

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