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Manchester United fan banned for attacking female steward

Image/from Chronicle 

57-year-old Manchester United fan Keith Conway handed a three-year ban for attacking female steward.

The incident happened at St. James Park during Newcastle – Manchester United match (0-2). Conway was asked to leave the stadium before half time. He reacted by spitting and elbowing one steward before attacking female steward, Chronicle reports.

Conway appeared at North Tyneside Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty, getting a three year ban.

Claire Irving, prosecutor of the court, said (via Mirror): “The defendant was drinking and became involved in an argument with a steward who told him to leave the ground.

“As he was being escorted out, his conduct changed, and Conway spat in his face before elbowing him.

“Another steward went to assist and she was grabbed by the throat by the defendant. She kneed him in the groin to get him off.”

Red Devils’ fan was also forced to pay £321 compensation to victims.

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