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Manchester City sent Chelsea warning as Pep Guardiola told what team must do in Liverpool chase

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Manchester City are under pressure to catch Liverpool up in the Premier League title race following their loss on Sunday.

Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson says Pep Guardiola’s side need to get through their next six or seven games unscathed if they want to keep up with the Reds.

After the international break, City will host Chelsea at Etihad.

“You have to remember that City have Chelsea at home next who are good going forward and you are talking about a team who are going to give you problems at the back with Abraham, Mount and Pulisic,’ he told Sky Sports. “This is going to be a problem game and if they do not win that game and Liverpool win…

“City have to get through their next six or seven games before they can be title contenders again. They have not got a good run, but if they win all of them and are still in the title race come Christmas, then I will go fair enough. Liverpool have lost one game in the last 51 and they have played City three times in that time, so I just do not see them losing four or five games ’till the end of the season.

“That is what they would have to lose as City would not be able to afford to lose any games if they only lost three. So for me, I think it is Liverpool’s to throw away – if they do not win it this year, I cannot tell you when they will win it again.”

Merson added that he doesn’t see City, who have suffered defensively all season, catching such a relentless Liverpool side.

“I do not see City catching them, not with their defensive problems at the moment. They are just nowhere near good enough defensively,” he added. “I just think Liverpool are too good and I just do not see them getting beaten by any of the lesser teams. And if they do, they have to score two or three goals, which is not going to happen.”

Source- Express

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