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Manchester City facing Champions League ban ‘within weeks’

Sky Sports

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Manchester City could still face a Champions League ban ‘within weeks’.

City could be banned from Champions League, as English club is accused of breaking European Football Association’s financial rules and regulations.

English football authorities demand a one-year-ban for Premier League champions. The final decision will be made by Yves Leterme, former prime minister of Belgium, currently leading investigatory panel.

City have dismissed any wrongdoing and branded the accusations “entirely false”. They have appealed to Court of Arbitration for Sport, but their appeal ‘has no effect in stopping decision.’

According to The Sun, City’s claims have no effect in terms of stopping UEFA’s decision, and a sanction could be imposed in the coming weeks.

A spokeswoman for the Adjudicatory Chamber of UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body told the paper: “There is no stay on Uefa while the CAS proceedings are in progress.”

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