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Manchester City chief angers Liverpool fans with Champions League statement

Image source: Getty Images

Manchester City chief Omar Berrada has angered Liverpool fans with his statement about winning the Champions League title.

During the previous season, City won the Premier League, while their main opponents Liverpool have won the Champions League title.

Though Berrada evaluates the Premier League title, he doesn’t deny the club’s desire to win the big UEFA competition.

Being asked how much they would like to win the Champions League, Berrada said: “A lot, of course, but what we don’t want to do is obsess. It is something we believe will come. Of course, it would give us one more point at the brand level, but it is a very random competition. Especially in the elimination phase. I would say that not always the best team wins the Champions League, but usually, the best team wins the league.”

The City chief’s claim has provoked a negative attitude of Liverpool fans towards him. The Reds’ supporters accuse him of having a dig at the club.

However, Berrada has admitted that the Premier League trophy would be a better success for the team than the fortunate game in the Champions League.

Manchester City are currently on the 2nd place of Premier League table with 8 points behind Liverpool.

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