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Manchester City-30%: Data analyst predicts UEFA Champions League winners

A general view of the trophy ahead of the UEFA Champions League

Image source: Getty Images

Fivethirtyeight data analyst have predicted the upcoming remainder of games in the UEFA Champions League. Only 12 teams currently remaining in the competition, and the artificial intelligence picked the team who will win the trophy.

12 teams remain in the UEFA Champions League are Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Chelsea, Napoli, Juventus, Lyon, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Atalanta, Bayern Munich, and RB Leipzig., have used their own data and algorithms to predict the outcome of the tournament. They think that Chelsea, Napoli and Lyon have less than 1 % chance of winning the league, Juventus and Real Madrid have 2 % of chance while Barcelona 8%. They believe that Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are the most likely to win the trophy.

City are still in their round-of-16 tie against Real Madrid but see themselves with two away goals and Sergio Ramos unavailable for the second leg. Bayern Munich are second in the predictions, as they currently 3-0 up against Chelsea in the round-of-16

12. Chelsea – <1%
11. Napoli – <1%
10. Lyon – <1%
9. Juventus – 2%
8. Real Madrid – 2%
7. Atalanta – 5%
6. Atletico Madrid – 7%
5. RB Leipzig – 8%
4. Barcelona – 8%
3. Paris Saint-Germain – 14%
2. Bayern Munich – 22%
1. Manchester City – 30%

Source: SportsBible