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Load of s***: Tyson Fury HITS OUT at Anthony Joshua for his style of boxing against Andy Ruiz

Former heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has hit out at Anthony Joshua for the way the latest won the fight against Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saudi Arabia.

After being knocked out by the Mexican earlier on June 1, 2019, Joshua has been more patient in the second, as he beat his rival due to his good tactical preparation.

AJ has earlier mentioned that Tyson Fury’s performance against Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015 was s***. And Fury had his response for this, 

“Everyone has to do whatever they have to do to win a fight.” he told The Sun.

“But if it was s*** when I was doing it, it was double s*** when he did it because it was a far worse job.

“He just ran away all night, it was not a good fight, it was a load of s*** really.

“He ran away terrified all night and when he did stand still for two seconds, he was rocked to his boots.” Fury added. 

Tyson Fury will meet Deontey Wilder in Las Vegas, on February 22.

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