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Liverpool legend says Manchester City have BIG advantage in title race

Liverpool legend John Aldridge says Manchester City have big advantage in title race, as expectation are not as high as in Merseyside.

Reds have 4 point advantage over Cityzens with 15 matches remaining in the season.

Aldridge told Irish Independent: “The reality is and will always be that expectations at Liverpool will always be very different when compared to Manchester City ,”

“This has to be an advantage for City and it’s an issue that will always be there when one of the biggest names in the game goes up against a small team that has basically got lucky by finding a sugar daddy investor.

“Even though I appreciate City fans will be offended when we say they are still a small club, that is how everyone outside of their bubble still views them, despite their success in winning a few trophies in recent years.

“They will always be a small club compared to their neighbours Manchester United and compared to Liverpool, with the latter two having decades of success that have allowed them to become sporting giants on the world stage.

“Liverpool Football Club is one of the biggest names in our sport with a fan base that stretches to all corners of the world and while that is a tribute to a glorious history, it is also an obstacle to ambitions.

“At City, they hope to win the league and are setting their own standards high in a bid to achieve their goals.

“Liverpool are dealing with so much more and while you can try and ignore what is happening around you, it eventually gets to everyone.” he added.

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