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27-07-2020 | 16:03 Football

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp urged to make key transfer as legend sends Manchester City warning

Former Liverpool star Steve McManaman thinks Jurgen Klopp must add depth to his squad in the transfer window. The Reds dominated the Premier League this season in winning their first title for 30 years. McManaman feels Manchester City have better squad depth and wants Liverpool to add players as a result. The former Real Madrid man has used Andy Robertson as an example and believes Klopp needs a left-back. McManaman told BT Sport: "It's hard for the starting eleven to get better. It's difficult when you are the world champions and won everything to get better when it comes to your starting eleven. "But I certainly think the squad can improve. The squad can be deeper and better. They need to find more quality coming off the bench. A squad like Manchester City's has more depth to it than Liverpool's. That's where he (Klopp) has to look. I think they need a left-back as cover for Andy Robertson. "It's going to be hard to displace the starting eleven, though. But then it will be hard signing players who know they might not start. It's a tricky one and a hard balancing act." Klopp believes the atmosphere at Melwood from top to bottom of the club is the reason for the success of Liverpool. He said: "Without that atmosphere it would not happen, that’s the best description. I don’t think it is coincidence that for two years we have made these photos with all the staff of Melwood and in these two years, we’ve started winning things. Now people could ask – and rightly so – why didn’t you do that from the first day when you came in? That’s the problem! "A season is not 365 days, I don’t know exactly how many days a season is but it is long and we spend a lot of time together. On the pitch is only one-and-a-half or two hours a day; all the rest of the time we are more or less in this building together with these people. "How can you have the energy for going again and again with all the setbacks you have – I don’t mean losing a final. Injured players is always a problem, but it’s always the wrong player on top of that. It’s like if you have four players for one position, none of them are injured. If you have two for one, both are injured. How can you keep the energy? It only works because we all give energy to each other. "You go into the canteen [here] and it is like the happy place. Since I am in, I never experienced a bad mood in that area. And since Mona [Nemmer] is in charge, it is not only not a bad mood, it is a sensational mood; everything in there is like they are flying for us. That’s only an example." Source: Express

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