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VBET News from Istanbul: Frank Lampard press conference ahead of UEFA Super Cup. On Liverpool, Kante and female referee

Chelsea to play a UEFA Super Cup game against Liverpool on Wednesday, in Istanbul.

Ahead of the game, the Blues boss Frank Lampard has faced the press and has been asked what he learnt from Premier League 4-0 defeat to Manchester United.

“In terms of the defeat you always learn. More than the first 25 minutes, 45 60 minutes we controlled. The clear lesson is that if you make defensive mistakes against good teams it will cost you. They did so many good things in the game. There were lots of good things and that we can improve on them. We need to be much better in not committing errors that bring chances,” said Lampard.

Chelsea boss is very optimistic for tomorrow: “I am optimistic because I believe in the players, I am very proud to be here. But I not the ability of the opposition. I believe in my players.

Lampard  admitted a Super Cup means a lot for the club and to the question of Vbetnews, he answered: “Kante was purely because he had an injury. I am very aware of how important he is. He picked up another small injury in the game, so we are assessing that. I pick the best team to win the game, regardless of age. Mount deserves his chance on merit, I won’t fear to play young players. In terms of how we set up, I really liked some of our aggressive off the ball work. We have to be adaptable and respect the strengths of our opponents. There may be subtle changes of our approach.

The Blues boss was a huge fan of Eden Hazard who left the club for Real Madrid but he said that they have a group that can step up.

“Kante has a small injury and I will make a decision with that with him. Willian and Rudiger are here and they are in different stages. Willian is not far from fit, to put him n a high intensity match is tough. He will be working through this week on fitness. Tomorrow he will be on the bench,” said Lampard about injuries. “Similarly with Rudiger. With Mason Mount, I don’t like to compare, particularly with myself, I can talk about him myself and he has a great work ethic and it’s important about how we want to play. Scoring goals he will step up levels as he develops, I’m a huge fan of his.”

On a female referee Lampard said: “It’s great news and I am very pleased to be part of this history. It has been due. The game has come a long way and I think we were very slow, but we are making that up. I am very pleased and it’s another step in the right direction.”

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