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24-06-2019 | 15:22 Football

Lionel Messi earns double as much as all players in the top seven women’s league combined

Women’s World Cup 2019 reached the last-16 stages. England beat Cameroon 3-0, while France beat Brazil 2-1 in extra time. Brazil star Marta took to the field wearing bright red lipstick. Marta explained her reasons for wearing it. “I always wear lipstick. Not that colour, but today I said ‘I’m going to dare’. I tried it and I think it was good,” she said. “The colour is of blood because we had to leave blood on the pitch. Now I’m going to use it in every game.” In the group stage game against Italy, Marta scored his 17th World Cup goal and reached the record for the most goals in World Cup tournaments for men and women. Following the game against France, Marta gave a passionate interview to all young women that aspire to play football. "Women's football depends on you to survive," said the 33-year-old. "Think about it, value it more. We're asking for support, you have to cry at the beginning and smile at the end. It's about wanting more, it's about training more, it's about looking after yourself more, it's about being ready to play 90 minutes and then 30 minutes more. So that's why I am asking the girls. There's not going to be a Formiga forever, there's not going to be a Marta forever, there's not going to be a Cristiane." Everyone is talking about the Women’s World Cup right now. The United Nations posted a rather topical tweet comparing the wages of Lionel Messi and women footballers. Using information from Forbes, they claimed Messi earns $84 million-per-year. That figure is almost double as much as the combined salaries of all players in the top seven women’s soccer leagues-1693 players. Of course, the men’s game is far more popular and there is so much more money in it but many are pushing for equal pay.

Why Brazil star Marta wore lipstick in Women’s World Cup clash with France

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