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Lewis Hamilton’s success not just about car, says Damon Hill

Lewis Hamilton celebrating his seventh world title

Image source: EssentiallySports/Getty Images

Former racing driver Damon Hill has dismissed suggestions Lewis Hamilton’s success is simply a product of having the best car.

Hamilton equaled Michael Schumacher’s all-time record for his seventh world title.

“It is a lot easier if you have the best car, I will say that having had the best car at one time in my career,” Hill said.

“But they don’t give you the best car forever and in my case, I didn’t stay with my team — they probably thought I wasn’t worth giving the best car to (any more). With Lewis, they’re tripping over themselves to keep him in the car.

“Mercedes have nabbed him at the start of their development as a team because they knew he was the best driver.

“The best drivers get the best equipment, and he’s held on to that position because no one can touch him.”

“Even Lewis would say he would like a bit more competition from time to time because it is more thrilling, and it’s more possible for him to show what he can do,” Hill added.

“But it also might make his total of seven world titles unassailable in the long run.”

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