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Lewis Hamilton sends warning to F1 rivals

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton

Image source: Getty Images

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has warned his rivals that this year’s car is the best he has ever driven. The 35-year-old has his sights set on taking the championship lead in Hungary this weekend.

Hamilton won the second Austrian race on Sunday to move to within six points of team-mate Valtteri Bottas. And he insisted this season’s car was far better than the five he had driven to his previous world titles at Mercedes.

He said: “There have been a couple of cars in the past that have been — I think [team boss] Toto Wolff mentioned one being a ‘diva’ which was not the word I particularly had used, but it was a real handful.

“This one’s more refined. We worked hard last year in picking out what the issues were with the 2019 car. But we’ve only been to one track. It’s still not easy to get the lap out of the car, but I think that’s F1 in general. But it is the best car that we’ve had so far.”

Source: Standard

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