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Alla Zakarian

14-04-2019 | 22:17 Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton reveals surprise F1 rival who beat him in one worrying area

Lewis Hamilton, who won his fifth world title in 2018, has revealed that Renault's Carlos Sainz beat him in one worrying area. The 33-year-old won the Chinese Grand Prix this morning by beating Valtteri Bottas on the opening corner. “Last year was actually a really strong year for me,” Hamilton reflected after the race. “I think I just finished second overall of quickest starts throughout the year too, I think it was Carlos Sainz or something like that. Arguably it was first – but it’s dependent on the GPS! “The first few races have been difficult for me off the line, so it’s nice to finally kind of redeem myself and rectify that. Naturally, the next 18 races can still be up and down – just have to keep working at it.”

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